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With roots in Honduras and Guatemala, Elisa and Lourdes Bennaton founded The Ministry to create a community of world travelers centered around the celebration of coffee and wine. Through authentic storytelling, consistency and community engagement, RINGLET was able to position The Ministry as an inclusive space where one can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while cultivating conversations and creating connections. By providing influencer marketing and social media management, RINGLET shared the mission of The Ministry and engaged the community to ultimately increase revenue and sales. 

Here’s RINGLET’s impact:

  • In just four months, Instagram following increased by 16.5%

  • Through just one influencer, posts reached:


    • 10,068 reach

    • 12,279 impressions

  •  Instagram metrics over two months

    • 30,378 impressions

    • 14,484 reach

    • 1,255 profile views

    • 98 website clicks


  • Influencer Marketing

  • Social media management


  • In Four Months:

    • Gained 162 followers

      • Doubled growth rate from March and April

  • March 1-April 13

    • 12,909 Impressions

    • 6,499 Reach

    • 724 Profile Views

    • 55 Website Clicks

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