RINGLET Open Positions


account manager

  • Responsibilities Include:

    • Aiding Marketing Director in on boarding new clients:

      • Researching and evaluating a new client’s marketing and inform the Marketing Director of her findings before the strategy session via email at least 24 hours before strategy session.

      • Attending new client’s strategy sessions with Marketing Director and Operations Manager.

      • Taking notes in client’s strategy session doc during meeting.

      • Contact Creative Director after strategy session to create any content needed for email marketing and social media plan meeting

    • Create content plans for clients post Strategy Session:

      • Social Media

      • Email Marketing

      • Event & Partnership Marketing

      • Follow up with client post strategy session to book email marketing & social media meeting

      • Deliver social media and email marketing plans to client in the meeting

        • Send Elise plans to review 24 hours before meeting to make any edits.

      • Creating editorial calendars for all client’s marketing outlets in client’s Google Drive folder.

        • Before follow up meeting, create the following documents in client’s Google Drive folder:

          • Social Media Edits Document

          • Email Marketing Edits Document

          • Email Marketing & Social Media Editorial Calendar

    • Managing the content creation and execution of the client’s content marketing plan:

      • Account Manager is responsible for overseeing every aspect of the client’s online presence that we have signed them for. This means that they are responsible for setting and meeting project deadlines. They exist as the sole point-person for gathering content and communicating with the RINGLET team and clients.

      • Overseeing the creation of content for client’s social media, email and event marketing.  

      • Communicating with the client to gather any content needed for their marketing within 24 hours of follow up meeting- ask them to put any information that they want shared in the Email Marketing & Social Media Editorial Calendar Doc.

      • Delivering planned Instagram feed to clients through Later two to four weeks after strategy session:  

        • Following up with the client on a timely basis to ensure the execution of their marketing plan and editorial calendar.

      • Communicate with the Marketing Director and Creative Director about any creative direction planning for client photo shoots.

      • Communicating with Copy Editor to complete all copy for client’s content on Later or email marketing.

      • Overseeing the execution of the client’s social media, email marketing, and event marketing.

      • Answering any questions from clients and communicating with them on a monthly basis.

      • Having a half hour to hour long check-in call or meeting with clients each month:

        • Setting monthly marketing goals and delivering them to clients at the beginning of each month during this call.

        • Delivering client social media and email analytics at the end of each month via meeting.

    • Strategic Development of Client Campaigns and Projects

      • Account Manager is expected to work proactively on constant improvement of the client’s marketing campaigns on a weekly basis.

      • Work for the client should always be developed and created with the overarching campaign and strategy in mind.

    • Digital Marketing Intern Management:

      • Meeting with the intern on a weekly basis to ensure the intern’s tasks for the semester are moving forward in a timely manner.

      • Creating a task doc for Monday Meeting to communicate to intern the tasks for the week.

      • Meeting with Intern one-on-one at least once a week to work through projects and offer direction in addition to meeting with Marketing Manager and Account Manager.

    • Account Manager will be expected to work between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday through Friday and reply to all emails from clients or a Ringlet team member via email within 4 hours.

    • Marketing Director will look to Account Manager for any event marketing or influencer marketing tasks on a week to week basis.

    • This position is starting as a 20 hour per week position.


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