10 Productivity Tips For Working From Home

10 Productivity Tips For Working From Home


Working from home isn't always as glamorous as people think. Sometimes, it's actually a challenge/set-back for achieving our business goals. But no more! Here are 10 tips for working from home...

10 productivity tips for working from home

1. Set designated working hours and force yourself to follow them.

 I know we like our sleep…like a lot. But, set your office hours and your phone alarm -  stick to them and get up!!  

2. Get dressed. 

(This sucks. we know! Shouldn’t the perk of working from home be working in your pajamas?!) But in our experience, you will be 10 times more likely to have a more productive day when you’re presentable. That’s a tough pill to swallow but it’s true. We have to be ready to answer the door for deliveries, go on supply runs, go to the post office, etc. We can’t hide out and be a creeper peaking through the blinds all day. Heck – doing this honestly makes us more productive and sociable whether it’s for work or for personal. We can be  ready to grab a movie or have dinner with a friend when we’ve taken the time to put on a bra, some clothes, and a little bit of makeup.

3. Have a designated workspace. 


Your set up can’t be your couch and coffee table. That’s too close to the temptation of Netflix and last night’s Real Housewives on your DVR. Whether you have a designated nook, a basement, or an entire room, have a place that is separate from the rest of your house. This helps your focus remain on work during work hours.

4. Make your workspace fun. 

Make it the most fun room in your house if you can! If the room doesn’t make you happy, you’ll dread going in. Light a candle, hang fun prints on the wall, during the holidays play Christmas music. When your work relies on creativity like our does, we need a room that is inspiring to be in.

5. Lunch: Meal plan and eat at the kitchen table. 

Let's just be honest, if we ate lunch in the living room, it would turn into a Sex in the City marathon. If we ate lunch in our room, it would turn into a nap. So, sit at the kitchen table, put down your phone, and take a lunch break. Then when you’re finished, you can return back to your workspace. I’ve found that by doing this, I’m less likely to get distracted by anything else. Lastly, be sure to plan out your lunches ahead of time. Don’t waste your precious time figuring out what to cook or what drive-thru you can get to the quickest.

6. Set boundaries with your friends and family. 

Make sure your close circle has a good understanding of your work time and play time. Just because we're at home and our own boss doesn’t mean we are available for a Tuesday matinée. (I wish!) Sometimes, this life/work balance can have you feeling like it's summer break all the time. Buuuut…We actually have to get something accomplished everyday so setting boundaries early on is a big help.

7. Enjoy a change of scenery. 

For the most part, we are working out of our office/studio. However, don't be afraid to go offsite! It’s fairly easy to find a coffee shop or patio with free Wi-Fi. A lot of Starbucks have rooms you can reserve for free. We love brainstorming new products and designs while enjoying a new restaurant we’ve been dying to try. Plus…you can write it off!


8. Allow yourself work perks (in moderation). 

At the end of the day, you are your own boss. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and you should be able to enjoy a perk or two for heaven’s sake! You can changed your schedule at any moment to work best for your season of life at that current time! For example: You can work one late night so you can take off every Friday.  Or Plan your own holiday season breaks. Figure out realistic perks that work for you and your schedule and allow yourself to indulge every now and then.

9. Keep your workspace organized. 

A clear space is a clear mind. This involves breaking down boxes when supplies come in, keeping paperwork and receipts filed neatly and correctly, putting everything in it’s place after supply runs, and keeping good inventory/organization for clients. Less face it, being in charge of your own livelihood is stressful enough. Why add to the stress with a chaotic office?

10. Socialize

 Here at Ringlet, we are all about bringing together women entrepreneurs in the DC area + beyond!! Don't be afraid to pick up the phone to talk to people instead of interacting solely through email. Schedule coffee and lunches with people in your network.  Furthermore, let this expand outside of work as well. When a friend invites you to dinner, get out of the house and take them up on it. Better yet, how about YOU invite a friend to dinner! Don’t get caught in a rut where you’re not interacting with the outside world.

What Tips Do You Use When Working From Home?! 

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