Team 101: How To Build A Community Within Your Business

Team 101: How To Build A Community Within Your Business


Here at RINGLET, we know the value of a great team but forming a team isn't always easy. We are here to help so below we list five pillars of team building an how to build a community within your business:

1. People Over Strategy.

It’s extremely important to focus on the people over the strategy first. You could have the best laid plan, but if you don’t have the right people in place to execute your vision, it will never really be your true vision. Look to hire people who compliment your weaknesses, not just a bunch of mini-you employees. There’s a great book that’s is really helpful called Strength Finder, that helps you identify your strengths and then allows you to look from a big picture to discover what kind of people you need on your team that compliment your weaknesses.

2. Creating A Culture.

It’s so important that before you begin to hire people to think about what kind of culture you want to create. How do you want your business to be? What kind of client experience do you want to have? Those questions/answers should be threaded into everything you do.

A simple way to foster a company culture is to create a company handbook that outlines you mission, why you do what you do, and everything you can think about your business/culture. It is important to make this as descriptive as possible, so your employees can fully understand the mentality and heart behind your business. Another great way to foster a culture is to host team retreats as you see fit! This is an awesome way to gather, get in sync and foster team community. 


3. Teamwork Makes Dream Work.

If you’re all working together, sharing information, you’ll only lift each other up together and be better as a whole industry. Here at Ringlet we attribute this to be the catalyst in growing our team. Here, at RINGLET we love the book The E-Myth because it breaks down personalities in three different types- an entrepreneur, a technician or a manager. In reading this book, we were able to discover our strengths, weaknesses and areas were our personalities are different. 

4. Use Technology To Scale Your Business. 

Technology is huge is your team is all working remotely but even if they are all in the same room - technology platforms are still super important! We love to leverage team building platforms like Asana, Dropbox, and to run all of our team communications. Since all of our communication are on these systems, we are able to continue to build our team in a streamlined manner and even host our weekly team meetings virtually!  It helps you keep consistency, process and quality with all of your team members.

5. Never stop growing.

When you’ve hired the right people and laid the ground work for an amazing company mindset, you can breathe knowing that your team can blossom. You can take a step back, have some more work-life balance, and see new opportunities as they arise. It's a win-win!

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