5 Ways for Women Entrepreneurs to Step Into Their Personal Power Through Strengths Development

5 Ways for Women Entrepreneurs to Step Into Their Personal Power Through Strengths Development

Today's guest post is from Joy Martinez, MBA, who is a Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach, Owner of StrengthsDNA and The Strong Business Planner, and host of The Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur Podcast

Below Joy is sharing 5 Ways for Women Entrepreneurs to Step Into Their Personal Power Through Strengths Development.....


Creating a strong business that lights you up inside, gives you energy, and brings you success can be accomplished by tapping into your personal power and developing your strengths.

Personal power is being conscious of the decisions you make, to empower yourself by directing your thoughts, focus, energy, and actions towards the goals you want in your life and business.

These intentional thoughts and actions are what will drive your business forward, allowing you to create positive momentum in your business and produce the results you desire.

Here are five ways to improve or step into your personal power:

1. Strengths discovery and self-awareness:

Identify your strengths, weaknesses, goals, values, and vision so that you can design a feel-good business that leverages your strengths. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Take the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment to identify your areas of natural talent

  • What type of activities bring you joy and energy?

  • What do you tend to learn or pick up quickly?

  • What have people told you that you’re naturally good at?

  • What type of activities drain your energy, get in your way, or frustrate you? Can you eliminate these altogether, do them less, find support in this area, or implement a system or automation to make those activities less draining?

  • Where do you see your business going? What is your big mission or message?

  • What type of impact do you want to make?

  • What is most important to you in life and business?

  • What do you want to accomplish in your business? What is your definition of success?

2. Strengths appreciation and belief in yourself:

Learning to not only accept, but appreciate and love your natural talents will allow you to believe in the value that you bring to the world and how you can use your strengths to serve your clients and make a positive impact and their lives. Here are some ways to appreciate your natural talents:

  • Write down any limiting beliefs you have about yourself; identify the root of where this belief comes from; write a new empowering, positive belief

  • Write down 10 things you love about your strengths

  • Write down 10 ways you can use your strengths to help your clients

  • Put into a place a daily mindset practice to help you stay high vibe and in an abundance mindset

3. Leveraging your strengths and being mindful:

Intentionally designing your business to maximize your strengths and making purposeful decisions will help build a strong foundation for long-term success. Here are some things to consider:

  • Think of your natural talents – how often do you get to use these in your business? When have these talents proved really helpful to you in your business?

  • What opportunities can you create, or what new situations can you put yourself in to use this strength more?

  • Do you have any systems or processes that need improving so that you can spend more time working in your areas of strength?

  • Who can you talk to about how to use your strengths more effectively?

  • How can you expand your business or offerings to make better use of your strengths?

4. Setting boundaries and making healthy relationship choices:

Choose coaches, business partnerships, and friendships that will support your goals, encourage you in your business, and complement your strengths. Surround yourself by people who bring you up and keep you focused on what you do well, not make you feel bad for who you aren’t. Some areas to consider:

  • Choose a business bestie that is supportive of you and can keep you accountable; your bestie should not be someone who coaches you what to do in your business

  • Set up boundaries of when and how you want to communicate with the people around you so that you can stay focused on your bigger mission while still receiving the support you need

  • Hire a complementary coach that can help you keep focused on your big goals, help bring out the best in you, and keep you accountable for what you want to commit to

  • Decide what is most important to you; decide what you will say yes or no to

  • Determine what your non-negotiables are in business and life so that you don’t compromise your values or dreams

5. Change your habits:

Eliminating energy draining habits can transform your business and skyrocket your productivity. Some questions to consider:

  • Do you have a morning routine in place that helps you get in a positive mindset and helps you get in the groove for the day?

  • Are you multitasking when you work, or staying focused on one activity at a time?

  • Have you tried batching your work so that you can get more done and free up more space for activities in your area of strength?

  • Does your business have processes in place to support your strengths and streamline your operations?

  • Are you wasting time throughout the day with non-important, non-income-producing activities?

  • Are you seeking support in your areas of weakness?

Stepping into your personal power will help you not only design your business with intention, but allow you to step into your strengths with confidence and empower you to be the best version of you that you can be.

Make a conscious commitment to empower yourself through focusing on your strengths and stepping into your personal power.

Meet joy!

Joy empowers online entrepreneurs to discover, appreciate, leverage, and support their strengths so they can unapologetically be their authentic self, lead with purpose, and create more success, joy, and impact in their business and in the lives of those around them. She provides thought-leadership, coaching, and tips on personal strengths, strengths and personal development, personal brand, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, self-mastery, and business success. You can connect with Joy here:

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