5 Common Marketing Mistakes

5 Common Marketing Mistakes

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, what we do is almost always more than a career to us! It is our passion and something we believe deeply in.

We are willing stay up late and get up early to see it come to fruition! Even though, we are aware of the risk we are willing to take it. It’s exhilarating, rewarding, and challenging all at the same time. Thru our passion, we hope to impact, influence, and help many people!

But growing a business is not always easy! The marketplace is crowded and it’s a struggle to connect in the increasing commotion.  At one time, marketing was simply being in front of people and earning attention by selling oneself as bigger and better. Today competiveness no longer works. Instead people want something more. They are looking for connection. They want to buy from brands that they genuinely like, believe in, and trust.


While businesses may be aware of this, our actions still tend to default to the old way of marketing. One of the best ways to understand how marketing has changed is to look at 5 common errors we make when marketing.

What are common marketing errors?

1. ‘Us’ focused brand messaging. 

Our customers will care about us when it is clear we care about them. They respond positively to our brand when they understand how we will help them succeed. When it comes down to it, business is helping others win and our messaging should clearly communicate how we will do that. Shift the focus of messaging from talking about yourself to how you will help your customer succeed.

2. A vague Brand Message

We know our business so well; it is easy to overlook how our message is unclear or confusing to the first time visitor. Words turn into noise when there is not a clear message. Clarity attracts and builds trust. If our message is unclear, our customers will walk away instead of taking the time to understand. Make your message so clear and easy to understand that the first time visitor will understand how you will help them within the first five seconds. Communicating effectively is one of the most valuable marketing tools we can learn.

3. Reacting

Avoiding marketing unless there is a ‘need’ for it causes us to react instead of plan. When we react, two things take place. First, our customers experience unpredictable and ‘thrown together’ messaging. Our customers will sense this and trust in the brand will be lost. Second, reaction marketing causes us as business owners to dislike marketing because it is done out of desperation instead of intentionality. Create a marketing plan, have a strategy, weave your marketing into your brand messaging, and invite your customs to join you. 


4. Relying on social media only

Social media is a powerful business tool. It’s a way for businesses to connect, form relationships, and create a presence in the online world. However, we will be disappointed if we rely only on social media. 1 – Social media is unpredictable; it is a platform we do not own. 2 – Social media is meant to be social and should be used sparingly as a promoting tool. 3 – Social media’s landscape changes at the speed of lightening; preferences moving from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat. It is risky and unsustainable to rely only on social media. Instead create a marketing plan that allows your customers to experience your brand in multiple ways. Other ways to ‘market’ is a user friendly website, beautiful visuals, clear messaging, keeping our promises, and providing a top-notch customer experience.

5. Viewing our business through our perspective instead of our customer’s perspective.

It is easy to focus on the details of running a business and overlook the most important part of being in business: What are our customers experiencing? Marketing is more than a promotion or getting new followers on instagam. Is our email response time prompt, communicating we care? Do we listen and show empathy when a customer has a special request? Is our product meeting our customer’s need the best way possible, even if it is different than what we would choose? If we are ‘marketing’ but overlooking these other impactful areas, our efforts are working against each other. We market so we can earn more customers. Earning new customers is done in ways that may not be thought of as ‘marketing’.

boss, you don't have to keep making these mistakes.

There is a better way, which involves:

1. Writing Your Branding Story. 2. Leveraging Your Story.

Your brand messaging/story is the foundation of your business and if you feel like you've drifted, it might be time for a Branding Audit (Check out our super helpful post here: "Is It Time For A Brand Audit?!". This is a huge investment of your time and talents and can feel overwhelming, but we are here for you! This is our speciality, so if you need someone in your corner to help with your branding messaging, marketing the right way, or a complete branding audit we are here for you! We'd love to chat today and get you started on the path towards authentic marketing.

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