How To Boost Your Brand Identity via Instagram

How To Boost Your Brand Identity via Instagram

We've all heard the phrase - you are what you eat, right?! 

Well, we kindof think that same thing about Instagram - you are what you post. Especially, when it comes to running your business Instagram. 

Your Instagram will be a reflection of your brand. Thus, all of your Instagram content should reaffirm your branding.


Successful businesses do the same.

They Instagram as an outlet to craft and show the personality of their company, also known as their brand identity.

A well-developed brand identity resonates with your audience, encouraging them to become customers. It also pushes one-time customers to become regulars, by giving them an emotional connection with your brand.

Building a brand identity on Instagram requires consistency. Follow these four steps to ensure your Instagram channel is cohesive and representative of your brand.

1. Consistent Messaging

All of your Instagram content should reaffirm your brand. 

So what do you want to be known for, and what do you want to gain?

Picture your ideal clients, employees, partners, etc. and pretend that you are writing specifically to them, their pain points, their wants/needs, etc. 

Be intentional with your messaging - better to post sparingly (but consistent) with on brand, intentional messaging than posting all the time with hit or miss "filler" content.

2. Consistent Visuals

No matter the image type, your followers should be able to look at any of your posts and instantly recognize it as one of yours (without even seeing your logo.)

When posting photos, use the same filter, edits, color pallet across all channels (including email marketing) to give them all a similar feel.

Also, make sure the images you are posting are connecting directly with your ideal audience (like discussed above). If you are looking to hire a fun, young intern - maybe think about posting a picture of everyone having fun in your workspace with the caption messaging, "We are hiring!" Instagram is an extremely visual platform - use this opportunity to showcase your business in the best light possible. 


3. Consistent fonts

On a visual medium like Instagram, using words in your pictures can either make or break you.

It is good practice to rely on one or two main fonts across all channels of your brand.

If your business doesn’t yet have a set of fonts it uses, try to pick a couple that match the tone of your industry.

We utilize this in all our Instagram posts - see examples here

4. Consistent timing

You want your audience to look forward to your posts. Be predictable.

Even with Instagram’s new algorithm, the bulk of exposure your posts receive comes shortly after posting.

By posting at consistent times and days, your followers begin to expect and look forward to your content.

So what now? 

With these tips, you’re ready to craft your brand identity on Instagram.

But don’t stop at just your Instagram channel. Look for ways to extend the reach of these brand-boosting images by sharing the best ones on your other social channels, your website, and in your marketing emails.

As your audience sees your consistent brand coming through on multiple channels, your brand identity will shine through even stronger and you’ll have confidence in the images you’re sharing! You got this boss! 



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