Top Picks for Coffee Shops in the District

Top Picks for Coffee Shops in the District

While we love our amazing space at Fostr Collaborative, it’s always good to get out and work in different coffee shops throughout the District. With so many new independent coffee shops popping up all over Washington DC it can be difficult to choose one, so we’ve decided to help you out! The RINGLET team has put together a list of our top five favorite coffee shops to work in the District and after much trial and error we have our finalized list of the best coffee shops to work in DC!

The Ministry //

More than just a client, the Ministry DC is an absolute gem found just off Union Station. With everything from avocado toast to a kale and sweet potato salad and their beloved polish snow balls, this coffee shop is the best place to camp out for the day, providing you with food from breakfast to dinner. This is a perfect place to meet with a client due to its bright working environment and readily available seating. And, when your work day is finished have some friends meet you for an amazing glass of wine!

MinistryCoffee1 (6 of 53).jpg
MinistryCoffee1 (31 of 53).jpg

Ebeneezers //

Another coffee shop found just off Union Station, Ebeneezer’s warm environment, comfortable chairs, and one of a kind seasonal drinks makes this the perfect place to work on a cold day. This coffee shop is famous for their honey-lavender latte and also works for a good cause donating a percentage of their profits each month to different charities such as homeless aids and refugee families. If you’re lucky you might even be there on a night when they bring in live music.

Vigilante Coffee //

Founded by Chris Vigilante after moving here from Hawaii, this coffee shop provides the chill vibes you need during a stressful day at work. With locations in Hyattsville, College Park, and the Eastern Market, kick back and enjoy this environment while having one of their famous açai bowls and in-house roasted coffee while working.

Colada Shop //

For something a little more unique check out another amazing client, Colada Shop! Founded by an amazing team of people, this coffee shop brings you the most delicious authentic Cuban food and coffee that is to die for. Famous for its gorgeous rooftop seating that is ideal in the summer season, Colada also has an indoor seating area perfect for working or meeting up with friends. This unique place on T Street is a must for anyone living in the DC area.


Bump ‘n Grind //

This coffee shop is perfect for you music lovers out there! Serving personally roasted, small batch coffees from around the world, Bump ‘n Grind delivers not only delicious coffee but also a highly curated and small selections of new vinyl releases with a focus on dance music, funk, soul, dub, rock, hiphop, jazz, and everything in between. With different listening stations throughout the coffee shop, you can choose what music you want to listen to while you work or look out for new gems played over the shop’s sound system. Found in South Silver Springs, this place is definitely worth it to check out!

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