Meet The New RINGLET Team

With new services coming out in the next couple of weeks it’s only fitting that we introduce you to the Ringlet team behind it all. We have been working hard to deliver our clients the best possible service and this team is ready to deliver. While a more in-depth profile of each employee can be found on the Instagram on Take-Overs, we figured we’d give you a quick crash-course on each one of these amazing women!

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Elizabeth // Editorial Intern —>

As the Editorial Intern Elizabeth works directly with Elise managing all of Ringlet’s digital marketing platforms. A junior at the Catholic University of America, she is focusing on Ringlet’s brand image while also creating content for the blog, Instagram, and email.

<— Elise Crawford // Ringlet’s CEO & Marketing Director.

This powerhouse of a woman oversees all client projects including email marketing, social media, events, and different partnerships. When she isn’t working at Fostr Collaborative on all things Ringlet you can find this woman at her favorite coffee shop or at home with her husband.

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Jessa / /Design Intern —>

Jessa’s got an eye for graphic design and a passion for creating beautiful things. Working on everything from client mood boards to social media graphics, Jessa is Sophie’s right hand girl and we can’t wait to see what she produces this semester!

<— Sophie Wheeler // Creative Director

This beauty is Ringlet’s Creative Director. She is the one who provides Ringlet and our clients with all the imagery that builds the brand while also pitching creative direction for a brand’s future. Her passion is to bring life to each client’s vision and is quite amazing at her job

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Amanda // Business Development Intern —>

Amanda' s goal-oriented personality makes her the perfect fit for this internship. Focusing on lead generation, goal tracking, and incubator planning for Ringlet Amanda is helping take Ringlet to the next level.

<— Claire Conway // Operations Manager

Claire is our Operations Manager, otherwise known as our everything girl. At one point in time she can be doing anything from assisting Elise in preparing the company for scaling up, to client interaction, to business strategy, and/or client outreach. And, her expertise does not end there – want to know about the best female-owned companies or best coffee shops in DC? Claire is your go-to girl.

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Kate // Digital Marketing Intern —>

Kate is ready to take your company’s social media presence to the next level as our Digital Marketing Intern. Helping with everything from client photoshoots, to managing client social media accounts, and researching social media influencers this American University Senior is an expert in all things creative.

<— Morgan Schatzman // Account Manager

As our Account Manager this woman works tirelessly to develop and execute a beautiful, and more importantly effective, digital presence for our clients. Her expertise lies in aesthetically pleasing and on brand feeds that increase a company’s brand awareness, engages the audiences, and creates a digital brand personality for clients. This is the type of woman who can take your company’s digital presence from good to exceptional.

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<— Alayna Nagurny // Editor

Every piece of writing that leaves our office is touched by Alayna. Copy editing all of our documents, instagram content, and client copy, Alayna works with Ringlet and clients to develop and execute beautifully written content for our clients and our company.

RINGLET Client Event: Ivy Wild Best of Fall Beauty Event

RINGLET Client Event: Ivy Wild Best of Fall Beauty Event

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