Is Your Business Sending A Consistent Message?

Your initial engagement with a lead is one of the most important forms of communication for your business—it’s a defining moment for you to lock in a potential client. Even in the virtual world, first impressions are everything, and your responses are a part of the client experience even before they officially book you. If you can take advantage of the moment and “put your money where your mouth is”, you can covert those inquiries not only into clients, but into raving fans.

Here are three areas to analyze on to ensure your sending a consistent message:



Business is all about making connections. As small business owners, those connection points (aka touch points) are many! Clients are connecting with you on your and your brand via your website, email, phone (think voicemail), contracts, etc. Try writing out all of the different touch points you have in your business and make sure they are all staying consistent and sharing the same authenticity that initially attracted you to them when they reach out! They’ve set an expectation for your business, and it’s your job as a business owner to ensure those expectations are being met. To do that, you have to make sure you’re being consistent across all channels of communication, including your responses to inquiries.


After you've outlined all the touch points within your business, make sure they are all conveying your brand messaging and tone! People looking to invest their money want to do so with businesses that are genuine, transparent, and welcoming. That is why a consistent brand voice is so valuable. They need to feel a true connection with you from initial communication all the way through to the end. They don't want to feel connected to your business via your website but then let down come contract/on-boarding time. Pro Tip: Create a master page for your business - including your touch points, target audience, your mission, and desired tone. Even if you've been in business for a while it always helps to re-evaluate your foundational items to ensure consistency!


Now that you have an idea about touch points, and your desired tone. Take a look back! Look at your initial responses to past leads and pay attention to the tone of these messages. Are they inviting and personable? Are you simply responding to their questions and nothing more? Do they match the tone on your website / master list? If not, you’ve found an opportunity to implement change and turn future leads into customers. Your inquiry responses are the perfect way to show potential clients that you’re exactly who you say you are and build that trust.

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