How To Use Pinterest To Drive Sales

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Sales

I have BIG news. Brace yourself. It is shocking. Instagram is not the most powerful marketing tool. In fact, Instagram pales in comparison to the one social media platform that continues to drive sales to businesses: Pinterest.

Why we love Pinterest: It doesn’t play the vanity metrics game.


I know you may not be as familiar with Pinterest and it's marketing magic but, here are 7 quick ways to boost your Pinterest Strategy to help you get more exposure and traction on the platform!

1. turn your account into a pinterest business account

This is by and large one of the most important things you need to do if you haven’t already. If you are going to use Pinterest for marketing your business, you need to be able to see what is working and what isn’t. After creating a business account with Pinterest, you will unlock all of their analytics and data to help you determine what people are attracted to when it comes to your content. You’ll also be privvy to some of Pinterest’s best features that only business accounts can access. I’ll touch on those next! 

2. enable rich pins on your pinterest account

Rich pins are only available to Pinterest Business Accounts. If you have rich pins enabled, whenever someone pins an image or content from your website or blog, that pin will include branded contextual details to help you gain brand awareness and look legitimate on the platform. 

3. edit your pinterest account bio

To start getting traction on the platform, you need to actually tell people who you are and what you do. And they should be able to recognize your brand straight from your bio! Here’s how to do it: 

1. Edit your Name – Include the name of your actual business and what it is that your business does. 

2. Use a recognizable bio photo. Either use one of yourself that is found elsewhere (think your favorite headshot!) or a logo mark. 

3. Edit your About You – Don’t tell me you like Starbucks here! Use this space to quickly dive deeper into what you do and who you do it for to attract the right people to your boards and ultimately your website! 

4. Make sure your location and website are in there! This will help you with SEO!


4. clean up your content

We're not going to tell you what you can and can’t pin on Pinterest, but I will give you a couple tips on what will help you convert traffic to your website. If you are attracting a certain target customer, it would make sense to pin a considerable amount of content that would appeal to her, right?

With that in mind, focus on building up boards that are themed around what you do and what you can offer your customers.

For example: On Pinterest, you may choose to create various boards that directly relate to business and/or marketing tips, inspirational boards for business owners, and group boards with other business owners. All of those board choices are very intentional. They appeal to your target market and get more ideal eyes on your Pinterest Account! 

You may want to create a few other boards that don’t directly relate to your business mission, but they do directly relate to your brand story. Boards like home design, motherhood, parties and events, and more do two things: They humanize your business and convey the personality behind my brand AND they drive a considerable amount monthly views to my Pinterest Account since the topics are a bit more broad and popular.

(( If you’ve got very niche specific or totally off-brand content and boards on your Pinterest account, I would suggest you turn them into secret boards! ))

5. optimize your board names and descriptions

Pinterest is a lot less like a traditional social media platform and a lot more like a search engine. So you have to start thinking like someone searching for content to maximize your efforts on the platform.  Meaning Pinterest isn’t the place for fluffy copywriting or cutesy titles. 

Example: A cutesy title for appetizer recipes would be “Little Bites.”

I don’t know anyone who searches for “little bites” when it comes to looking up recipes. I’m gonna guess they search for “Appetizer Recipes.” A lot less cute, but a lot more eyeballs will be landing on your board.

Name your boards with targeted keywords that people actually search for optimal exposure! Your board descriptions act a lot like your board names. They don’t need to be driven by building personality like an Instagram bio description would call for. They are all about the keywords.

6. optimize your pin descriptions

You’ll want to keep up the keyword game even in your actual pins. So instead of writing a novel about what your pin is about, just keep things short sweet and to the point with targeted keywords people are actually searching for around that topic.

One way to find popular search terms around your topic is to use Pinterest’s search bar. Pop in a word that relates to your content and you’ll see suggested descriptive words appear after you hit enter. These words clue you into what other words are being used to search for tips, advice, or inspiration in your specific category.

7. create your signature pin style


One of the best ways to gain traction on Pinterest is through branded content. Creating eye catching and visually attractive pins for your website and blog are extremely important in the success of increasing your traffic from the platform.

After quite a bit of research, here’s what I know about pins that get the most exposure:

1. Long vertical images win. The longer the better!

2. Solid color pins get more repins.  In a sea of millions of images, solid color pins force your eyes to stop. 

3. But images still perform well in terms of virality.  A strong image focused pin will show more of the personality in your visual brand identity. 

4. Keep your brand fonts in check. Use clear fonts for your pin designs so more people are compelled to come take a look at your site.

5. Use big bold font sizes. They might not be as design savvy as a proportional line of text, but we aren’t trying to win the brand design game here. We are trying to get traffic and sales! Large text is crucial.


If you are in need of some expertise in this area of Pinterest Marketing, we'd love to help! Give us a shout!

Are you using Pinterest for your business? Have any specific questions about how to grow your business through the platform? Feel free to reach out and ask us! We’ll be sharing more in-depth about the Pinterest strategy soon!

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