How To Be Present: The Entrepreneur's Guide

How To Be Present: The Entrepreneur's Guide


If you have ever read the book, Love Does, by Bob Goff, you might remember a powerful quote, “The battle of our hearts are fought on the pages of our calendars”. While that certainly is true, I would also add that the battle of our time is fought on the screen. It's often hard, as a small business owner wearing ALL the hats, to unplug and truly be present. However, we work to live - not live to work: so here are some tips + tricks to replenish, unplug and truly be present - anytime! 

1. Prepare

Like anything in business, in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor - you must prepare, set the foundation, and plan ahead! To do this, simply make your plan. Automate what you can. Delegate the rest.

Here's an example: You want to go on a break for one week.

A. Plan + Schedule out your blogs posts for that whole week.

B. Plan + Schedule out your social media content or let your audience know you are taking a little break and encourage them to take a peak and their work/life balance too!

C. Let your current clients know that you'll be out of office - tie up/ pre-schedule any loose ends needed with them and then set an automatic response email for the rest of it!

2. Detox

I’m sure you have been told to limit your social media and screen time to promote productivity, sleep, and mental health. Well, it’s true. But, if your goal is to turn off this holiday/weekend/etc., then it’s essential. The moment when you usually grab your phone, put on Netflix, or start googling away. STOP. Try something else. Actively run interference to break the pattern you have created. It’s up to you. But if you are truly looking to turn off, regenerate, and refuel this holiday, then it is essential that you implement this step. Here are some tips to unplug:

A. Place your phone/computer away from it's normal spots.

B. Turn Off ALL Notifications.

C. Temporary Delete Email + Social Media Apps - If you can't delete them, hide them! 

D. Stay Social- Media Free! It should be already scheduled - don't get sucked in!


3. Get Creative

Part of turning off means turning to things that are outside of your ‘norm’ and daily grind. This is a time to get creative and try things that you haven’t tried before. Allow your brain to enter new states and see what insights are generated. It’s essential for us to leave our ‘productivity’ and ‘performance’ mode and just have fun. Turning off means you don’t have to worry about the outcome or results of the activity, just enjoy the experience. What have you wanted to try just for fun?

Ask yourself: What are some things that I would like to try that have nothing to do with my job? Rollerskating? Oil painting? Pasta making? Rock Climbing? Hip Hop dancing? Laser tag? Snowshoeing? Trampolining? Pottery? Make a list of at least 10 things that you think would be fun just to try. Commit to doing one.

4. Silence

Silence is a way to heal, rewire and regenerate the brain. Quiet time is essential for turning off. If you are looking for deep relaxation, peace and clarity, then true silence is key. Studies have shown that silence is more restorative and regenerative than filling that space with relaxing music, podcasts, conversation, etc. Make space to be quiet and use silence as a tool to instil calm and groundedness in your day. Silence doesn’t always have to mean still. You can combine it with exercise to enhance the healing. Try going for a run (or a walk, or whatever physical activity you enjoy) without music, noise or conversation. Combine your physical and mental training to reduce anxiety and stress. Making space for nothingness can have huge rewards.

remember, you work to live. not live to work.

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