4 Tips for A Successful Launch Process

4 Tips for A Successful Launch Process

"Launch", sounds kindof stressful, and intimidating, doesn't it?! 

Cambridge Dictionary states that the word launch means “an introduction of a new plan or product“. It also means “an act of sending something out“. If you’re reading this and you are a small business owner, you’ve already launched something – you launched your business! You put something out into the universe that you believed in, worked for & wanted to promote. The idea of “launching” in business is a continuation of those very principles! You can launch a product or service, a website, a brand, a course, or even launch a re-vamped version of a product or service already on the market.


Before we get started: write out your mission & vision for this launch. What’s the purpose? What is your sales goal? Seeing your goals in ink will allow you to make smarter, more realistic choices to get there! Here are three tips to guide your launch:

1. Know Your People

The very first step to a successful launch, is having a crystal clear understanding of who your people are. I’m not just talking ideal client - though that is important - I’m talking about going even deeper than that.

What are their needs? // What are their pain points? // 

Why should they purchase this product / service from you? // What solution are you offering them?

Understanding their emotional response will allow you to see your launch through their eyes. You’ll be able to talk like them, answer questions before they even ask them & turn their desire for your product / service into a need not just a want.

Tip: Keep a Google Doc folder with words / phrases your clients are using. What are they asking? How are they asking it? Use their same language in your copy to relate in a much deeper way.

2. Locate Your People

Now that you have a deeper understanding of your people, you have to find them! Every social media platform is not going to work the same for every business. If your biz audience is primarily high school & college students, you may need to think about Snapchat more than Facebook. If your biz audience is primarily married women in their 30’s or 40’s, Facebook is the way to go.

Not sure where your people are? Where do they talk to YOU? Are they emailing you; do they message on FB; do they tag you in posts? Where are they responding most to the resources you have already given them?

Focus on what’s working - focus on where they already are - don’t try to reinvent the wheel just yet. Play up your strengths so your launch marketing is strong & strategic.

Tip: Create a list of 2-4 marketing platforms you believe work best for your audience. Then create a content calendar centered around your launch. Be consistent with your schedule & open to sharing valuable content with your audience.

3. Create a game plan

Because there are so many pieces to the launch puzzle, you have to have a game plan- deadlines + dates. Make a schedule & stick to it. When you have a deadline, you’re more likely to push forward & accomplish the tasks needed in that given period of time. When will your launch take place (keep day of the week in mind as stats show Tuesday & Wednesday are prime!)? How many days / weeks do you need to prep leading up to the launch? What will your prep entail - writing copy, scheduling social media, finalizing the product / service you’re launching… the list goes on & on!

Tip: Brain dump a list of every single thing that needs to happen pre & post launch! Think small here! Don’t write “create copy” - instead it should say “Write Sales Funnel”, “Write Sales Page”, “Write Instagram posts”. Break down each step of the process so you can see exactly what you need to get done, and when you need to do it.

Bonus: Creating a game plan will allow you to see if you need to outsource. Do social media ads make you cringe? Look into hiring an expert. Struggling with understanding the parts of a sales funnel? Hire a strategist. You don’t have to do this alone & bringing in the experts will allow you to focus on what you love (& what you’re good at) - which can result in more clients & more money in your pocket!! We would love to help you in this area, you don't have to do it alone - chat with us today!! 


4. Get ‘em talkin’

You know what you need to say, how you need to say it & have a solid game plan of what to say when… but how do we build momentum? How do we maximize our audience so they’re talking about us (specifically the launch) and creating more awareness?! One key way to do this is to build a tribe of Brand Ambassadors. These ambassadors are able to raise awareness & ultimately increase sales by aligning their brands with those around them & getting people talking (in the best of ways). You can do this two-fold; with your current clients & with vendors. 

Current Clients: If you’re already loving & serving your current clients well, they’ll be nothing but thrilled to support you! Allow them to play a role - however small - in your upcoming launch by sharing with them personally via email, telling them how excited you are & explaining how thankful you are for their past support.

Vendors: Email them and share what’s coming; invite them into your space by sharing your heart & creating excitement. Explain why you’d like their help (why it will benefit their audience) and ask them what you need. Be open, be genuine & don’t take it personally if they say “not this time”.

Tip: Make a list of vendors you can email who share a similar mission & brand. Craft an email that showcased your excitement & allows for them to take part in the celebration. And, don’t forget to email them post-launch to thank them for their support, encouragement & ask how you can return the favor!

PRESTO! Mission Launch is a Success! 

Well, we know it's easier said than done, which is why so many of our clients come to us to aid in launching their product/service! We are here to help take you to the NEXT level!! Chat with us today! 

You Got This! 

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