Why You Should Be Blogging (And How It Will Make You Money!)

As small business owners, we've all heard: "You should be blogging!" but without concrete reasons this tedious task can be pushed to the back burner for many of us! I mean, it takes up your valuable time and doesn't really add value to your business- right?! Wrong. Blogging has not only increased my website traffic, following, and opportunities but it has increase my bottom line!! Let me explain a little bit more below about why you should be blogging....

Keeps Your Content Fresh: When someone comes across your business, whether it’s because you shot a wedding of a friend of theirs or they just stumbled across your page on social media, what’s going to keep them engaged and coming back for more? By blogging regularly, you can turn those people into loyal followers that may one day turn into a client or refer you to a friend! 

SEO: Blogging plays a huge role in the SEO for your website for several reasons. First of all, it’s jam packed with content that pertains to your business. Keywords throughout the text of the post, images with keyword metadata, outbound links and links back to your own site. Also, by publishing content to your blog regularly, Google recognizes that your site is being regularly updated with new content which is beneficial to your ranking. And even if you are just starting out and no one is reading your blog right now, still keep at it because those posts are still contributing to your site’s SEO and people will stumble across them later down the road. 

Help Your Audience Get to Know You: Blogging is essentially a conversation that you can have with your entire following. By reading the text in your blog posts, people can get a sense of your personality. And by mixing in some personal content in your blog posts, people can really get to know the face behind your business and become invested in you! In an industry like this that is oversaturated with a lot businesses offering the same service, the only thing that separates you from the rest is YOU! 

Creates Discipline and Structure. One of the challenges of being your own boss is the lack of accountability and deadlines. Since you make all the rules, what’s going to stop you from slacking or taking longer than you should to get work done? By having a regular blogging schedule, you create deadlines for yourself and your audience essentially holds you accountable! 

So if you’ve put blogging on the back burner or aren’t doing it regularly, I hope this can give you a little motivation to make blogging a priority! If you’re starting from scratch and don’t know where to begin..... 

Here’s a few tips for you:

1.  Define your ideal client
2. Create a blog post that will help them in some way -Create a free helpful PDF, template, checklist, etc. (if you haven’t already)
3. Create an opt in form via your email marketing provider so they can opt in to get your freebie 4. Mention your opt in/freebie at the end of all your blog posts going forward
5. Share your blog post & future blog posts everywhere you possible can online

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  • Getting to the next level & having your first $5K, $10K or $20K month.
  • Defining a clear vision of where to start
  • Mapping out your future plan for growth, revenue + scaling.
  • Wanting to authentically connect with your ideal clients
  • Overcoming "content blocks" that are keeping you stuck
  • Lacking marketing knowledge beyond the basics
  • Converting website + social media views into revenue.
  • Mastering a simple, yet effective, marketing plan.
  • Finding the TIME
  • Differentiating yourself from everyone else in your industry
  • Maximizing your online presence and gain visibility
  • Refining your core messaging, story, and "Why"
  • Getting your first or next clients
  • Making consistent money in your business.

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