All About Numbers: Understanding Analytics & Analyzing Growth

All About Numbers: Understanding Analytics & Analyzing Growth

Analytics, Numbers, Analyzing - those all sound like very intimidating words but in actuality they are very simple, and extremely helpful! There are a number of different softwares, resources and options for tracking your social media growth and analytics, but for today we will be discussing Instagram & Facebook's built in analytic and insight metrics! 


To view your Instagram insights: Open your Instagram Application -> Open your profile page -> Look at the top, to the right of your page name and you will see 4 bars -> Click those 4 bars to open Instagram Insights. Now you see the metrics, now it's time to break down what those actually mean...


The Instagram app defines Impressions as, “The total number of times your post has been seen.” Now, with Twitter, for instance, “Impressions” means the total number of times your post is available to be seen. It doesn’t mean your post has actually been seen. Plainly, it means the total number of times your post has been put into a user’s feed, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they were using the app at that time or used the app long enough to scroll past it (without taking action).


The Instagram app defines Reach as “The number of unique accounts that have seen your post.” Again, it’s a semantical argument, but the “reach” on Instagram is the potential for your post to be seen by a certain number of people. It’s also difficult to truly calculate a post’s reach due to hashtags.


The Instagram app defines Engagement as the, “Number of likes and comments on your post.” Engagement is straightforward. We won’t argue with them here.


When you’re managing a Facebook business page, the Insights can be a useful tool in measuring your marketing campaign success. You can find your "Insights" Page by going to your business Facebook page, clicking the "...More" tab, and selecting View Insights. But what do those metrics actually mean? 


There’s post likes and page likes. For Insights’ purposes, we’ll explain page likes. Page likes will report the amount of new users who have come to the page and decided to “like” it. That means your organic posts will show in their newsfeed, should the user decide to follow you. This metric will also show you “net likes,” which is represented by a graph that maps out the total number of unlikes against the total number of new likes in a given time period. Additionally, admins can see where their likes came from, whether it is on desktop, mobile, posts to page, or elsewhere.


This metric is often an owner's favorite, because it’s generally the highest number reported. The reach is the number of Facebook users your posts were served to. The tricky part here is that it doesn’t mean that just because a user was served your post in their newsfeed that they ever saw it or scrolled past it, let alone interacted with it. What’s much more important than reach is engagement. Unsurprisingly, engagement is not a metric calculated or reported by Facebook for your page, but they do report engagement by post.


This is Facebook’s closest stab at engagement. It shows how often users interacted with your posts or page buttons and what they did with them. It’ll show you a breakdown by demo of who clicked on your call to action buttons. This is possibly the most important metric because without users taking action, there’s no conversion.


In the posts tab, there will be a breakdown of each published post (organic and paid) and will show you the post’s reach next to the engagement. To take this metric a little further, to truly determine the successfulness of your engagement, you can divide the engagement total into the projected reach to determine your engagement rate. This is not included in the Facebook Insights, but is a better benchmark to see how your page is performing.


Video views count when a user views your video for three seconds or more (and they’ll only count each person’s views once in a half hour session).


Like previously stated, this is just an introduction into the free Facebook + Instagram Insight & Analytics available to you with a business page or Instagram! If you are ready to really dive in deep, break down the numbers and have a year of growth like you've never seen before - then you NEED to sign up for our Marketing Made Simple Group Coaching Program! This course is only open to 10 ladies who want to have growth like they've never seen before, convert social media view to sales, have their first 5k, 10k, even 20k months, and really take their business to the NEXT LEVEL! Quit playing small, dive on in, and be prepared to see unprecedented growth. 

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