What Does Simple Marketing Really Means and Why You Should Care

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I was sitting in one of my graduate school marketing classes and the professor had just asked us to complete an in-class project. Everyone sighed. I don't remember what the project was, but I do remember looking around the classroom and thinking, "WOW. Everyone seems so lost and confused! This material seems WAY to complicated!"

Now, it might have been the professors poor instructions but it was a this moment that I realized that people complicate marketing WAY to much. Yes, marketing does take some talent, education and effort, but (let's admit it) it's not rocket science!

As I continued in grad school and working for small businesses in the DC area, I saw the astronomically bad effects of muddling the marketing process. 

After years of witnessing business owner's overwhelmed, stressed and worried when it came to marketing, I decided to open Ringlet Studio. I want to empower small business owners like YOU to market themselves with authenticity while also selling an insane amount of products or services from their online presence. And my dream is finally coming true, one client at a time!

Often when I tell people that I'm a Simple Marketing Expert, their faces kind of distort into a look of hesitancy and skepticism. What does a Simple Marketing Expert DO and what does "simple marketing" mean. This is the part of my job that I love because I get to share the "secret sauce" of my business. Below I've divulged exactly what simple marketing means and why without it, you might be risking the success of your business.

Simple Marketing Means:

1. Knowing Your 'Why' and Sticking to It: 

Simple marketing means knowing your WHY. It means digging deep and knowing yourself. You simply CAN'T market yourself without knowing why you started your business and letting that principle guide your every decision. Without your 'why', your business messages become wishy-washy and can seem insincere. You might be asking yourself, "Well, what is my WHY"? Your 'why' is the feeling that you get from helping others. Despite the stresses of business, or whatever kind of business you are in, you are helping others. This 'why' should drive you and encourage you to market yourself with confidence. 

2. Developing Real Connections with Others:

Once you know your 'why', then you can start presenting yourself to your potential clients in a clear & concise way. For example, once I realized how passionate I was about simplifying marketing for small business owners, I was able to offer my services with sincerity because I KNEW the offerings were truly going to change people's lives and businesses. Once I labeled myself as a "Simple Marketing Expert" I starting really connecting with other entrepreneurs and businesses owners, some of which have become close friends! In short, once I knew who I was as a business owner, I was able to develop real connections with potential clients.

3. Not Having to Feel Icky About Selling:

People mix up "advertising" and "marketing" all the time and I get it! It is confusing! I describe advertising as a paid material, such as a Facebook ad or postcards. Marketing is about building a community around your business. Marketing is all about getting your name out there and by doing that, you are helping others, not disempowering them! I think a lot of people associate selling to people with disempowering and taking advantage of them. Business is SO much more than a financial translation, it's a sharing of life! Embrace the fact that the more you sell, the more business you have, the more life you're sharing with others! This is such a joyful and positive way to look at business.

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