Do You Need a Digital Marketer and a Virtual Assistant on Your Team?

On a recent discovery call, a creative business owner asked me whether she should hire a virtual assistant or a digital marketer. To be completely honest, the question threw me for a loop! We all know that in order to expand as a business, you need to delegate. So would a virtual assistant or a digital marketer be the right fit for you? Read on to find out!

Now, I know that both digital marketers and virtual assistants offer a wide variety of services and no two are exactly alike. One virtual assistant could be more experienced in one specialization more than another. However, there is a general scope of work that both contractors are able to offer. These are lists of commonly offered services by both:

A Digital Marketer Offers:

- A marketing strategy

- An audit on all of your current online platforms

-Strategy & content planning

-Scheduling and management of online content (blogging, social media, ect.)

-Email marketing strategy and email writing

-Blog post ghost writing 

A Virtual Assistant Offers:


-Blog management and editing

-Social media management

-Business organization & management 

-Launch support

-Schedule organization 


As mentioned before, each digital marketer and virtual assistant is different. However, the litmus test for knowing whether to hire a digital marketer or V.A., is to ask yourself how well do you have systems in place in your business? A virtual assistant is going to come into your business and complete the tasks that you ask her to complete. You are essentially training someone to work within your business. This can be extremely helpful if you need a second pair of hands in order take things to the next level. 

A digital marketer is going to show you how to improve your business through marketing services. They will show you how to strategize your online presence with the purpose of growing a community around your business and brining in revenue online. Although a digital marketer will be working within your business, they are more focused on the big picture idea of how to create exposure for you online and create systems for you instead of work within systems that are already in place. Like a V.A., a digital marketer can write, post and manage content. Unlike a V.A., a digital marketer can not offer business management or organizational tasks such as managing your calendar or send out invoices. 

By deciding to hire either a virtual assistant or digital marketer, you are deciding to expand your business and that's exciting! Maybe hire a V.A. for one project and then try out a digital marketer for a trial run. Either way, have fun with it and enjoy having another person on your team cheering you on!

Have you hired a digital marketer or virtual assistant? How did you know which was best for your business at the time?

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