How to Develop Sincere, Meaningful Connections with Your Audience

Connecting well with your audience means sustainable growth.  It’s what we’re after: genuine clients and customers and followers who believe that our creative passion is valuable. Each maker has a sphere of influence that grows as they build genuine connections. Assuming you are reading this because your hustle is an ever-growing side-gig, may I offer an often over-looked key to success: “Do not despise these small beginnings…” This is actually a scripture found in the Bible in Zechariah 4:10.  You need not be a Christian believer to see the wisdom here. The truth of this scripture is profound in it’s simplicity.  (And, if you are a Christian you will be encouraged to know the rest of the scripture: “…”for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”)

There is much talk of goals.  Write them, say them, post them and keep them at the forefront.  I do see some value to that; knowing your goal is like the connective tissue that binds all the activities you do into one forceful purpose.  I could stand a little bit more of that myself.

But I encourage you to let your goal be your inspiration, not a constant reminder that you haven’t arrived. Embrace the sphere of influence you have now.  The authentic connections you make in your small beginnings are the foundation for your growth.  Make them genuine, real and honest.

Sure, some people have “overnight success”.  They get a lot of attention, a big chunk of the limelight.  But for every surprised millionaire there is a happy creative, making sure and steady progress, submitting to the process and remaining in a place of cheerful discontent:  thankful for their platform while simultaneously desiring it’s sustainable growth.

Here’s to small beginnings,

Sara Frank, Marie Lynn Skincare

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