Tired of Being Burnt Out? How to Relax & Maximize Productivity

The online world is all about hustle right now. Morning routines, crunching time and planning every moment of every day to squeeze as much energy out of each day as possible. And that’s a great thing! We’re all for hard work and stretching yourself. However, if you’re burnt out, your creative juices aren’t flowing. As a business owner your work spills into every area of your life and it can be difficult to create boundaries between work life and personal life.

However, if you don't create those boundaries, you're going to be burn out quickly. Here are four simple ways to relax in order to be as productive as possible:

Meditation: Resist the urge to schedule this into your Google calendar. Meditation doesn’t have to be another thing you add to your check list. Instead, it can be something as simple as intentionally taking five minutes to back away from the computer, close your eyes and breathe steadily and slowly.

Read: As a small business owner or creative entrepreneur, it’s easy to spend every day, all day in front of your computer, working and consuming content. Reading magazine or books that are outside of your immediate line of work, can help you to expand your creative outlook. If you usually spend time reading business books, take time to read a book of poetry. 

Work in time chunks: Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? The basics are that you choose ONE thing every day to accomplish that will move your business forward and help you to complete a project. Then, set a time for 25 minutes and work hard for that set amount of time. When the time is up, take a five minute break and then set the timer again. Repeat until you’ve completed that project.

Find pleasure: How often do you take pleasure into consideration when you’re working? How often do you set up your workspace so that it’s as enjoyable as possible to complete your work? Taking pleasure in your work isn’t a luxury! Take time to light a candle, pour yourself a cup of tea and finish those emails!


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