Marketing Guide: How to Gain Clients Through Email & Social Media

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When I set out to create Ringlet Studio, I did so because I had met so many women entrepreneurs who were so overwhelmed by marketing. They had spent a lot of time trying to create an authentic online presence but they were struggling to balance it with all the other parts of their business. When you don't have marketing systems in place, it can seem like no matter what you do, you're not gaining enough exposure. 

Marketing  doesn't have to be difficult. Or complicated. In this marketing guide I've broken down the basics of email and social marketing so that you can take simplify the process of bringing in clients from your online presence. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for extra marketing tips and guidance to making your business more streamlined and impactful. 


Differentiating Yourself In A Saturated Market

Differentiating Yourself In A Saturated Market

Ringlet Studio's Gift Guide to Women Owned-Businesses