3 Ways Gratitude Has Transformed My Business

This fall, I was ready for some change. After a crazy summer, I needed to refocus. I wanted to feel more grounded. After the advice of my business coach, I began this practice of meditation every morning that includes a focusing on gratitude. Every morning I meditate on three things that I'm grateful for, personally or professionally. It might seem simple but it's totally transformed how I approach my day and my business. 

Here are the three ways that gratitude has transformed my business:

1) I Take More Risks: When I practice gratitude, I'm able to focus all of my energy on what's gone well in my life and business. Suddenly, challenges seem more like opportunities and difficulties aren't all-comsuming. "Failure" isn't as scary because I know that something good will come of every situation. This has lead me to being more open to changing things up with Ringlet Studio, reaching out to people I would normally be to shy to talk to and stretch myself knowing that I can be grateful for whatever may come.

2) I Stopped Unhealthy Comparison: I really believe that comparison doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sometimes it's actually helpful for me to see what my competitors are doing and research how I can grow Ringlet Studio. I love being inspired! However, comparison becomes unhealthy when I look at someone else's business and either totally discredit my own worth and work. When I started to shift my focus to gratitude, I became more supportive of other women entrepreneurs. I started to honor my own path and am more grateful for who I am and where I'm going. 

3) I'm More Productive: After practicing gratitude, I've had more headspace to serve the clients in my business. I've noticed myself in a better mood when I start my day with meditation and gratitude. I'm able to concentrate on my work instead of falling into a rabbit hole of the Internet or worrying about comparison. I'm grateful for the work in front of me and focus on the task at hand.

Do you have a practice of daily gratitude right now? Do you think gratitude's important to the growth of your business?

Resources for the Practice of Gratitude:

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(photos by: Meaghan Clare)

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