The 5 Podcasts That Helped Me to Move My Business Forward

I LOVE podcasts. I am constantly in the car and about a year ago podcasts become my #1 way to pass the time on long car drives. It's an excellent way to do research, learn new skills and be inspired in business. Below are my top five favorite podcasts that are constantly in my rotation.  

#GirlBoss Radio: Now I know some women don't like the term "girl boss" and I totally get it. The wording makes me cringe a tiny bit too BUT this podcast has some seriously amazing and accomplished guests. Sophia Amaruso has built an empire for herself without any background in business or a college degree. On the podcast, Sophia interviews incredible women business owners with a wide variety of backgrounds. My favorites so far have been Tyler of Outdoor Voices and Brit from Brit + Co.

She Did It Her Way Podcast: I have been listening to Amanda since the very beginning of this podcast back in January 2015. They recently reached their 100th episode! Several of my friends have been featured on this podcast and whenever I listen to Amanda, I feel like I'm in a conversation with one of my business besties. Some of my favorite episodes were with Kathryn Snellen and recently with Maya Elious.

Oh Boy by Man Repeller: They say that one of the best ways to stretch yourself creatively is to dabble in a field that you know nothing about. For example, if you're a great painter, take a class in coding. Through listening to Oh Boy, I feel like I'm expanding my world by getting to know incredible artists, speakers, business owners, fashion designers, and everyone in between. This podcast a great opportunity to think outside of the box and learn about different lines of work. This episode has been my favorite so far. 

Being Boss: This is the podcast that probably provides me with the most practical tips regarding business. Emily and Kathleen create a dynamic duo that's both entertaining and educational. Both women have worked in the digital space for a long time and know how to get sh*t done. They're really fun as well! This hard to choose one as a favorite, but you shouldn't miss this episode

Elise Gets Crafty:  I don't only love Elise because of her great name ;) but she is also an amazing podcast host. For all of my makers and crafters out there, this podcast is for you. Elise interviews artists, florists, authors, shop owners and more about their businesses, their "why", and how they grew their passion into a profitable venture. Elise is a blogger turned planner creator. I love that she is deeply authentic. This was one of my favorite episodes.  

BONUS: I love the Start Up podcast by Gimlet Media! Alex Bloomberg is my hero. He's funny and yet gets real about what it takes to create a business. I definitely recommend going back into their archives and listening to some of their past episodes as well. 

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