What I Learned From Grace Bonney's "In the Company of Women"

Last night I had a total fan girl moment! My mom (yeah, she's cool like that) and I attended the book signing/ discussion for Grace Booney's new book, In the Company of Women. It was such a delight to be surrounded by other entrepreneurial women in the D.C. area.  Instead of doing a normal talk about the book, Grace decided to feature women in each city that she visited. In D.C. she gathered incredible women from all different backgrounds to discuss life as a business owner. My favorite question was "As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?" As someone who has been involved in theatre, dance and acting since she was four, I loved hearing that almost every entrepreneur thought they'd be in performance when they grew up! 

I truly so grateful that Grace has compiled this book. Over the course of two short months, she traveled across the country to interview women entrepreneurs, asking them what their lives and businesses are all about. This isn't a book about women's highlight reels. Grace gets down to the nitty-gritty and talks about the difficulties as well as the joys of owning a business. 

Here are my three main take-a-ways from last night:

1.) Honor Where You Are: The two words I heard repeated over and over again were honor and evolution. Each woman was (humbly) amazed by how far they had come over the course of their time as an entrepreneurs. Not everything happens at once and there's no such things as an "over-night success". Everyone's timeline is different. One person might hit their five year goal in year one. For others, that five year goal might not happen till year six. It's okay. Take a deep breathe and stay focused on your own vision. 

2.) Your Idea of Success is Going to be Constantly Changing: Success means something different to everyone. Reflect on what success means to you, regularly. If you don't have an idea of success, then you'll just be constantly on a hamster wheel without taking a look around and seeing where you are, how far you've come and where you want to go. Oh, and practice gratitude! It helps you to celebrate the smaller moments and actually allows you feel successful, where you are right now. 

3.) There's No Such Thing as Work/ Life Balance: Grace Bonney said it so of course it's now official: work/life balance was a myth created by some outside force that wanted women to be under even more pressure than they already were. Let. It. Go. There are going to be some weeks where you feel totally on top of life and others where you feel like your business is falling apart. Some weeks you'll work out every day, other's you'll just chug some M&M's for dinner. It's an ebb-and-flow. Give yourself grace to constantly striving for your best but content that you are not superwoman. 

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