What It's Like to Build a Business & a Marriage

Hunter and I have grown up together. We met our freshman year of college and started dating when we were 19. We're now 25. We'll be 26 when we are married on August 12th, 2017. If you do that math, we've been together for 6 1/2 year: dating for 3 and engaged for 3. To say the least, out journey has had plenty of twists, turns, ups, downs and adventures.

I started Ringlet Studio just over a year ago- two years into our engagement. Hunter has been supportive all the way. I can't tell you how grateful I am that this is my reality. I know that this is not every entrepreneur's situation and I don't take it for granted. 

We jumped into starting this business with two feet. And yes, I mean "we". Ringlet Studio is 100% my baby. It stemmed from my desire to create incredible content and marketing for passionate women business owners. It's my dream. However, it was not only my heart that has been poured into Ringlet. 

Not only have I started a business, but we also started planning a wedding and preparing for marriage. In the last few months we have chosen our wedding venues, menu, attire, ect. It's been fun but not without it's complications. Engagement is trying a trial by fire. We are merging two very distinct families together and that takes patience, understanding, time and effort. 


Beginning a business has stretched us in ways that I didn't imagine back in January 2015. We really had no idea what we were doing (and we still don't have everything figured out!). Throughout the last year we have tripped over ourselves more times than I can count. We have struggled with finances. We have struggled with keeping ourselves connected to our values and faith. We have had months where we weren't sure if this was really going to work.

In the last year I've really come to understand what it means to build something. I love Joanna and Chip but what I mean by "building" is not a physical building but an intentional construction of a moment. 

Building a business is a specific, special time in life. As is engagement. It's a moment of transition, a moment of trying to figure out who you are as a couple that's almost married and trying to build a life together. 

It's been so interesting living in these two moments simultaneously. My life right now is one big moment of change and movement! But I like it this way. Life is always changing, right? 

In the last year, I've learned to embrace transition. As my mentor says, "In the space of transition, miracles happen". This mindset has allowed me to let go of exceptions that I have found to be holding me back from living my 'why'.  In a transition phase, things feel up in the air. It can feel like you're standing on smooth quick sand that forces you to shift and reevaluate constantly. However, it's in this space that we are able to refocus and see what truths and values keep us standing. For me and Ringlet Studio these values are: service, reliability, kindness and creation. 

I am grateful for this year. This year of unknown, of change and growth. I am grateful that things haven't quite "settled yet". I know that season of life will hold it's own difficulties so for now, I'm going to keep humbling constructing and hope for my vision to come true. 

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