10 Apps For Quality Brand Photos That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

10 Apps For Quality Brand Photos That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Have you ever excitedly downloaded an app on your iPhone, hoping it would transform your photography and business?! I sure have. I'll download something and then usually forget about it after a few uses. There are more than 1.5 million apps in the iOS App Store and tens of thousands of them are dedicated to iPhone photography. It is very tempting to download as many of these apps as you can and hope they would help you create amazing iPhone photos. The truth is that you only need a few apps to achieve stellar photography using your iPhone. 



We know that every photo can definitely use some editing to be the best it can be. Here are the two editing apps that you will need for 90% of all your photos. And guess what, they are FREE :)


If there is only one editing app you’’ ever install on your iPhone, let it be Snapseed. It is powerful editing tool with all the basic edits like crop, straighten, exposure, brightness, contrast and image tuning which are made easy by the use of real-time sliders. Additionally, the most powerful feature of Snapseed is the Selective Adjust- ment tool which lets you apply edits to only selected parts of the photo without a ecting the rest of the photo. Genius! 


VSCOCam is a huge favorite among iPhone users because of its beautiful, one-tap presets which instantly transform your photos to the next level. Also VSCO comes with a camera that gives you a lot of manual control over exposure, focus and white balance that makes it a great camera replacement app for your iPhone as well. 


The default iPhone camera app is amazing and works great in most cases. However, for some of us who are looking for DSLR-like control, manual settings and advanced options, here are three amazing camera replace- ment apps for your iPhone.

1. CAMERA+ :

If you want to equip your iPhone camera with manual controls that you get with your DSLR, Camera+ is the go-to app. This has been a long time favorite of iPhone photographers all over the world because of its super simple and intuitive user interface which makes it easy to get started with for beginners. With the Camera+ app, you can set the shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation and focus manually. Also, it comes with a set of white bal- ance presets which helps you to adjust the white balance according to the lighting conditions. Additionally, you have the option to set the white balance manually. Another advantage of the Camera+ app is that it comes with a macro shooting mode which is great for macro / close up shots. Download Camera+


If you want to go a bit more advanced than Camera+, ProCamera is the way to go. While having all the DSLR like features of Camera+, it also has two amazing features that set it apart. One is the ability to shoot videos and the second is the added option of being able to save images in the precious TIFF format. TIFF for mobile is like the RAW for DSLR. Although TIFF is a processed version of RAW, it still is uncompressed and retains full image quality which gives you a lot more control and exibility during editing when compared to JPEG format. TIFF
is a great option specially when you have an intent to print the photos, as it results in super high quality prints. Download ProCamera 8


One of the biggest pet peeves I hear about the iPhone camera is its incapability to cope up with low light situ- ations. You can easily counter low light with long exposure - opening the lens for a long time so that su cient light enters into the lens. And this is exactly where Slow shutter cam comes in - it provides you with amazing long exposure e ects that you can typically nd only in a DSLR. Download Slow Shutter Cam


For those times when you need a bit of speci c, advanced editing, these apps will help you x your photos easi- ly and quickly!


You know those times when unwanted things creep into your photo and you just can’t help it? The Touch Re- touch app comes to rescue and awlessly removes the unwanted objects from your photo in just seconds. Boom! 


Do you ever wonder if you could get the DSLR-like dreamy, blurry background for your iPhone photos as well? What if I told you can? The After Focus app overcomes the limited depth of eld of the iPhone camera and simu- lates the shallow depth of eld in the most natural way! 


If you are big on using lters and light leaks for your photos - Mextures is your app! It consists of several hand curated textures, light leaks and lm presets which give that extra oomph to your photos. They say - its like Pho- toshop for your iPhone and its true! 


If you want to create amazing collages with your photos, Diptic comes with a variety of layouts that you can use. 

There are tons of great applications out there to help you achieve high-quality on-the-go branding content for your business- I suggest just pick a couple apps at first to really master the technique!! Enjoy the process girl boss!

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