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Putting on a stunning event will make sure people won’t forget! Check out how we helped the  DPE Academy Workshops .

Putting on a stunning event will make sure people won’t forget! Check out how we helped the DPE Academy Workshops.

You’ve worked hard finalizing every last detail of your event; make sure it gets the attendance and coverage it deserves. No matter how much time, money, and effort you put into planning, it won’t reach its full potential without proper marketing. You’ve done enough on your own in terms of initiating the event, planning the sequence of activities, and handling logistics; leave the marketing to our Washington, DC event promotion specialists. Contact 410-961-1181 today to see how we create digital content that gains you valuable exposure before, during, and after your event!

Custom Tailored Event Marketing

You can plan the perfect event, but without getting the word out throughout all stages of the event, it won’t be anywhere near as successful as it could—and should—be. Not only do you want to draw people to your event, you want to attract the right people. This requires strategic marketing personalized to the specifics of your event. We learn the ins and outs of your organization and what you hope to accomplish so we can perfect the marketing game plan best suited to your needs.

Marketing for Events Big and Small

RINGLET has successfully marketed events of all different sizes and varieties across a wide array of industries. Whether you’re planning a trade show, a large conference, a roundtable discussion, a VIP event, or a regional forum, we find a way to frame it in a way that will attract your ideal attendees. Meet with our marketing team to detail your image for the event and who you want to be there. From there, we determine the smartest and most appropriate ways to make sure your get-together gets attention. RINGLET is here to help spread the word and grab people’s attention for your Washington, DC-area event.

Branding is always important at your events! Look at what we did for  Lady Farmer !

Branding is always important at your events! Look at what we did for Lady Farmer!

Generate Buzz for Your Event

There are so many businesses and events up and down the beltway that it’s not hard to find your organization getting lost in the shuffle. RINGLET helps prevent this from happening. An event with little publicity or even word-of-mouth buzz runs the risk of being overlooked and underattended. We craft a comprehensive marketing plan leading up to your meeting, workshop, or party. This enables us to manage your social media, blog posts, outreach, and event coverage from the first time you meet with us all the way through to the aftermath.

Successful Events Require Preparation

Though the final weeks and days leading up to your event are important, it’s not enough to simply start or ramp up your marketing just before the big day. The savviest event planners know that the earlier you start promoting your gathering, the better. It takes time for your promotional efforts to start building momentum, and we’re here to help you expedite the process well in advance. We handle important yet easily neglected tasks such as pre-event promotions, targeting specific individuals and groups, reaching out to sponsors, and even more. Everything we do is meant to fill as many seats at your event as possible.

Event Marketing Congruent With Your Unique Brand

You’ve carefully and strategically built your brand, and, regardless of the type of function, it’s essential that your event be consistent with that branding. Our event marketing team considers your business's distinct brand and current marketing efforts before getting to work on curating your event marketing design. The feel and look of the event must reinforce your overarching brand to make a meaningful impact on your target audience, be they attendants or simply following the coverage online. The challenge lies in maintaining brand cohesiveness with advertising and delivering the event exactly as promised. RINGLET is here to meet the challenge and present your upcoming event in a marketable manner that makes a powerful and lasting impression.