Emilia Ferrara

Author & editor-in-chief: Branding, marketing, website development

ringlet's impact:

During the launch of her first book, Mag World, RINGLET acted as Emilia Ferrara's book agent. Over the course of four months, RINGLET coordinated, styled and launched Mag World to the D.C. market through four events, website creation, content development, social media management and branding. Here's RINGLET impact:

  • RINGLET created Emilia Ferrara's brand from scratch. RINGLET developed a brand guide for Emilia as well as a logo that represented her personal and professional style.

  • RINGLET audited Emilia's professional Instagram page, Facebook page and Linkedin. RINGLET also consulted Emilia on the messaging and imagery that she should be posting on her social media outlets.

  • RINGLET created a new website for Emilia that highlighted the launch of Mag World. RINGLET drew out a website map to organize the content that best communicated Emilia's personal brand and lead viewers to purchase her book. RINGLET coordinated and directed a photoshoot to create content featuring Emilia for her social media and website platforms.

  • RINGLET coordinated and styled four Mag World launch events over the course of three months. The first three events featured D.C. vendors and speakers. Each event focused on the main themes of Mag World: wellness, beauty and fashion. RINGLET worked with each vendor to coordinate and style every event. RINGLET marketed each event to the D.C. creative community and media. You can read more about these events HERE.