Dr. Meghan Birt
case study


A driven entrepreneur and dedicated mother of two, Dr. Meghan Birt specializes in health and wellness, providing her followers with guidance on how to live their healthiest lives. Through social media management, email marketing and blog post publication, RINGLET shares Dr. Meghan Birt’s passion for encouraging healthy and holistic lifestyles and providing the resources to do so. Reassured in RINGLET’s ability to carry out her message through brand management, Dr. Meghan Birt remains confident in her ability to successfully balance her business and her growing family.

Here’s RINGLET’s impact:

  • In three months, Dr. Meghan Birt reached 237,188 Instagram impressions with a 34,149 follower reach

  • In six months, Dr. Meghan Birt’s Instagram following increased by 214 followers for a 7.4% increase


  • E-mail marketing 

  • Social media management 

  • Blog post writing


  • In three months:

    • 237,188 Instagram Impressions

    • 34,149 Instagram Reach

  • In six months:

    • Gained 214 followers