District Boss Interview: Sophie Stich

District Boss Interview: Sophie Stich

Meet Sophie Stich of Stich Your Solutions

Exceptional customer service is key for any successful business, and Sophie Stich has made it her business to make sure that every team she works with can provide the same. Through her consulting role, Sophie has been able to come in to local  hospitality businesses and help them reorganize and restrategize to make their process seamless and fit their brand identity. As an entrepreneur, her creative work has allowed her to start several new projects. Read on to learn about her journey and for a sneak peak of what Sophie is up to next! You can follow Sophie here, and Stich Your Solutions here!


1. Tell us about your business!

Stich Your Solutions (SYS) is a consulting firm advising service oriented businesses. We work with business owners to scale sustainability while enhancing their brand identity and culture. We also develop a specific customer service vision for their business while developing associated hospitality and brand trainings to bring to life an exceptional customer experience. 

Sneak preview, I'm also working on a separate project that's launching this Summer. Stay tuned for something that's worth a toast!  

2. What lead you to where you are today?

Everything! I started working in restaurants when I was thirteen. I had no idea my part-time jobs would turn into my career. More recently, I worked for SoulCycle and Sweetgreen on their corporate marketing teams. Both were invaluable experiences scaling lifestyle brands across the country. 

A year ago I made a bold career move, and quit my job. I was unhappy, and I needed to take a moment to figure out what I really wanted my career to look like. Consulting started as a means to an end to help pay the bills. It’s ultimately turned into a passion, and I absolutely love working with my clients. 

3. What brings you the most joy when working with teams and businesses?

Since I work directly with other business owners, I'm surrounded by super passionate people. We all have the same goal of providing exceptional experiences to customers. 



4. What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur? The most difficult part?

I love being an entrepreneur because I'm able to choose the work I do and who I do that work with. All of the hardships and successes are a direct result of the decisions I've made. 

The hardest part of being entrepreneur is patience. I'm getting really good at it too! I want to get things done and get things done fast. That is not how it works when building a business. You constantly have to remind yourself of your larger vision and celebrate the small wins to keep you going.

5. How do you stay motivated and continue to grow, personally and professionally

Building a business is exhausting, mentally and physically. I am constantly underestimating how challenging it is, so I am very intentional with my self-care. I don't just mean a fancy face mask even though they are great sometimes. I try to listen to my body and do what feels best. Some days I feel like working out and other days I need a long nap. It's all fair game and equally important. 

6. What’s your nighttime routine?

I love a good TV show to take my mind off things. The Office and Walking Dead are my jam right now. I also have a fairly long shower routine which feels like a thank you to my body. Before getting into bed, I charge my phone across the room. Otherwise, I'll get lost in the Instagram abyss.

7. What’s one piece of advice you would give to other entrepreneurs in your industry?

Surround yourself with people who understand, appreciate, and believe in your vision. Starting a business is hard enough. We don't need to put energy into people who aren't on our side. 

Thank you sophie, for your dedication to helping businesses grow and succeed!

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