District Boss Interview: Erin Krespan

District Boss Interview: Erin Krespan

We love seeing through the lens of Erin Krespan

From intimate local ceremonies to exotic shoots around the world, the life of a full-time photographer is ever-changing. Read on below to hear just how the DMV's own Erin Krespan describes her journey and passion for her clients. Each photo she shares with us gives a glimpse into the sweet and romantic moments she captures for each couple she meets. Browse her Instagram account and website for more swoon-worthy shots!


1. Tell us about your business!

I am a photographer based in Washington, DC specializing in weddings and portraits. I've had my business for almost 5 years now and shoot anywhere from 25-40 weddings every year.

2. What lead you to where you are today?

I shot my first wedding when I was 16 but was always interested in taking photos. In middle and high school I took portraits of all my friends pretty much everyday. Anyone that would step in front of my camera was greatly appreciated. After I shot my first wedding, I was hooked. The following year I second shot for other photographers to build my portfolio and had already booked a few weddings myself. Those 19 weddings my first season really helped me jump right into the industry and learn from so many people. 


3. What brings you the most joy when shooting for clients?

I absolutely adore being able to capture intimate, vulnerable and real moments for my clients so they can look back 40 years from now and remember how deeply in love and happy they were on their wedding day. There truly is no greater honor or privilege for me than being able to capture these fleeting memories for people. I love it so much and have had so many guests come up to me at weddings and point out that I am always smiling behind my camera and it's true, I am. I love my job so much and the people I meet through it are incredible. 


4. What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur? The most difficult part?

The best part about being an entrepreneur is making my own schedule. I love being able to travel and see friends for lunch or afternoon coffee because I am so flexible. The hardest part is definitely being secure in your finances. You're solely dependent on yourself and that can be very scary. It's something you always have to work for. If you stop putting in the effort, the money will also stop coming in.

5. How do you stay motivated and continue to grow, personally and professionally?

Traveling is a huge part of me and I've always wanted to incorporate it into my business. Since I started, I always had the dream of shooting an international wedding and using my job to see the world. I am beyond grateful and excited that in July 2018 I have my first international wedding in Denmark. This industry is ever-changing and growing so I stay up to date with Facebook groups and other photographers I admire. You can always learn something new from people. Personally, I have so many goals that include moving and my own wedding in the near future so I am very motivated to continue growing my business to be financially prepared for life. Being dependent on myself and knowing if I don't market myself and grow then I could potentially not have the job I have now is always enough for me to stay motivated. 

6. What’s your nighttime routine?

My nighttime routine starts by not answering emails past 7pm! Working from home causes you to fall into a trap where you're never really disconnect from your business, but I love stopping my work at a good hour to enjoy quality time with my family, friends and boyfriend. 

7. What’s one piece of advice you would give to other entrepreneurs in the photography industry?

It's a very saturated industry and while it's exciting to start your own business, it's not as easy as it looks. I recommend doing mentoring sessions with other photographers and learning about the industry before jumping in head first. I feel as though if I hadn't gained prior knowledge, I would have not been nearly as successful and could have easily been discouraged by situations. The community of photographers will be your best resource and I'm grateful it's a very open and understanding community to be apart of. 

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