District Boss: Susie & Becky of Susie & Becky Photography

Susie and Becky are the ultimate duo in the wedding photography business. Expect them to bring double the fun and double the expertise on your special day. The results: immaculate photos of the bride and groom, picture-perfect venue settings, and charming captures of the small details that were meant to never forget.   

Ahead, we interviewed Susie AND Becky. Can you guess who traveled to Europe for wedding workshops, who prefers taking photos in the winter,  and who reminds us to not be afraid to imitate?! Enjoy!  

1// What is your business? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Susie: We’re a team of sisters-in-law, who photograph weddings together and love it!  We recently added a few other lead photographers to our team and love being able to give so many great wedding photography experiences to DC and Maryland couples!

Becky: We’re a team of photographers that tell authentic wedding day stories through colorful, emotional, joyful photos.

2// What lead you to where you are today?

Susie: My sister started a photography business years ago.  I worked full time running my Dad’s HVAC company and did photography on the side.  I knew I wanted to do portrait and wedding photography, so I found wedding workshops all over the US and even one in Europe. Once I moved to the DC area, I went full time and never looked back!

Becky: Three things converged - I saw Susie’s photography, my brother gave me an SLR camera, and watching my husband start a business made me want to be less restrained and more fearless.

3// What is your favorite time of year to photograph clients? 

Susie: I love Spring!  The new greenery on trees, amazing flowers blooming, warm weather, and gorgeous days make for some fun and lovely sessions!

Becky: Probably the winter - I love how neutral all the backgrounds are - greys, beiges, silvers, and golds. The couples brings everything else with them - their own coloring, their outfits, flowers - everything.

4// What’s the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur? The best part? 

Susie: Having to wear so many hats is difficult, because in some sense you have to have a basic knowledge of so many different things.  The best part is definitely being able to work my schedule so I can stay at home (for the most part!) with my daughter.

Becky: Letting go of perfectionism and knowing that growth involves failure.

5// How do you stay motivated and continue to grow, personally and professionally?

Susie: One of the biggest benefits of working with Becky is that she continues to motivate me to grow and do better. We get together weekly for business meetings and that has been so instrumental in me staying motivated!

Becky: Knowing that I don’t want to let Susie or our clients down.

6// What’s your nighttime routine?

Susie: Routines aren’t really my strength. :)  Lately I’ve been hoping my daughter goes to bed well, then talking to my husband as long as I can stay awake (which isn’t that long), then I’m asleep.

Becky: Ha. Brushing, flossing, 5 minutes of Netflix, and I’m out.

7// What’s one piece of advice you would give to other business owners?

Susie: Figure out the priorities you have in your life aside from business, and structure your business model to add to your quality of life.  I see so many business owners struggling in their personal life because they feel like they “need” to do all of the things they hear the current big-name creatives teaching. I’d love to see them make their business work FOR them, instead of them working for their business!

Becky: In the creative field? Don’t be afraid to imitate. It’s what makes you better most quickly. It’s also, paradoxically, what helps you find your OWN style - when you try to imitate something you admire, you find what feels authentic and exciting to you. You take a little bit from each person you admire.

Thank you, Susie and Becky


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