District Boss: Reina Pomeroy

"Life is too damn short to not love every single day!"

This is Reina's motto and we couldn't agree more! Reina is life and biz coachfor ambitious, creative boss ladies, who have a million great ideas but can't seem to make them happen. Reina is one of our speakers at the Marketing with Meaning workshop. Through her incredible mentorship, we will learn how to create a business with authenticity and

Read more to learn about Reina's incredible new podcast, the five things she finds most difficult about being an entrepreneur and what brings her the most joy in her business. 

1// What is your work? 

I run Reina + Co which is the life + biz success coaching practice for creative entrepreneurs. Typically creatives spin their wheels and get overwhelmed. I help them pin point what's most important and help them act so that they can become the go-to expert in their industry. 

2// What lead you to where you are today?

I talk a lot about this in my podcast episode but I started out as a social worker (I was a trained mental health clinician), ran my wedding planning business and ultimately quit my full time social work job to become a non-commuting stay-at-home mom. Quickly, I realized that I wasn't cut out to be at home in that capacity; I decided to pursue coach training, started my own business and it's taken off from there. I started a podcast called the Creative Empire Podcast with my co-host, Christina Scalera, and haven't looked back since!

3// What brings you the most joy when you’re working on your business/ doing client work?

I LOVE the impact I can have on a client's life and business. To be able to help people do work that's most fulfilling, joyful, and freeing aligned with their purpose. It gives me endless joy to be able to create not only my own sustainable business but to help cultivate sustainable, joyful businesses for my clients. I also adore the sense of community that I can create with my business. The + Co of my business embodies the possibility of people coming together and moving toward their collective goals; it also conveys that nobody is alone. 

4// What’s the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur?

I think there are SO MANY parts that are difficult. I'll list my top 5 that I see for myself and for my clients.

1) People are lonely. They feel so incredibly alone working by themselves. They start to question decisions because they don't have a community or they feel like they're failing.

2) People feel like they have to know what's next. Sometimes, the most incredible projects come from not planning out every step. It's okay to not know, but to plan for what you do know.

3) Putting yourself out there. It's tough. People don't get what we do. They don't take us seriously. So saying that you do what you do, day in, day out can be wearing. Keep your head up, put yourself out there and KNOW that you're meant to do this, to impact the world.

4) Pricing. I could go on for hours about this. You're probably not pricing your services or products appropriately to have a sustainable business.

5) Execution and planning. We don't have people (like bosses) holding us accountable to our deadlines or goals. It's imperative to have a system for accountability!

 5// What’s one piece of advice you would give to other business owners?

Don't ever stop learning from others, connecting with others, promoting and encouraging others. My #1 key to success has been to be the amplifier of other people's gifts and talents!

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