District Boss: Lauren Scott

We're excited to introduce you today to one of our speakers, Lauren from, TICKLED PHOTO BOOTH COMPANY! Lauren is an attorney,photo booth owner and flower crown extraordinarre. 

1// What lead you to where you are today? 

Long story short, my academic studies in advertising and law led me to a career in business development—helping build, protect, and promote individual and corporate brands. Eventually, I started my own business. A single belief drives everything I do, that is: entrepreneurship can be a pathway out of poverty and to financial security. Many of our country’s workers have turned to self-employment as a means of creating a job or to supplement a low-wage job. But, getting an idea off the ground can be tough. I know the struggles of business ownership firsthand, and I love telling my story and sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

 2// What is your business?

 Tickled Photo Booth Company, a modern take on the traditional photo booth.

 3// What brings you the most joy when you’re working on (business)? 

I love what I do, and feel pretty lucky to be doing it. It’s a huge privilege to provide a service that generates so much fun for so many people.

 4// What’s the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur? 

Letting go. It’s hard hiring staff and outsourcing work to others to represent your brand and execute your vision.

 5// What’s your nighttime routine? 

I’m up way too late, far too often! There’s always something to do. However, my goal is to be in bed by 11. I’m into candles and aromatherapy, and use them to help wind down. I usually create a to-do list each night before bed. I sleep well knowing that I can wake up and hit the ground running.

 6// What’s one piece of advice you would give to other business owners? 

Get out there. Be uncomfortable. Ask for help, keep fighting, and don't give up!

Thanks Lauren! Find this marketing maven on Instagram!

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