3 Ways To Balance Work/Life by Mimi Miller


I wish as an entrepreneur that I could say I’ve achieved the perfect work/life balance and start everyday at 8am and leave my “office” (a.k.a. bedroom turned studio) at exactly 5pm. The truth of the matter is finding a work/life balance as an entrepreneur/start up brand is a real challenge. I am currently a one-woman show meaning I do it all, which makes it hard to “leave the office” at a certain time. I constantly have thoughts and ideas surrounding my business swirling around in my head, even down to the moment I lay my head on my pillow.

However, There are a few things that I have personally found successful in working towards a work/life balance, and they are as follows:


1. Set Studio Hours

Set those "work/studio" hours, even if you aren't actually leaving the "office" aka "your house". Without those boundaries, clients/ideas/anything can come swirling into your life without permission. Do I always stick to them? No, but having a plan really helps and also makes me more productive, thus allowing me to have a better idea of when to call it quits for the day.

2. Unplug with Yoga

Another activity I swear by that really helps me unplug from everything, especially those never-ending business thoughts, is vinyasa-flow yoga. This has been wonderful for keeping me grounded and really taking my mind off of everything for 60 minutes, it is my “me” time. I leave with a fresh mind and relaxed body. I usually practice three to four times a week, and do my best not to miss a class because I crave that refreshed feeling afterwards.

3. Treat Yo' Self (face mask + essential oils)

If I can’t make it to yoga, I will do a self-care beauty activity at home. My go-to is a bentonite clay mask with lavender or tea tree essential oils. I can tell whenever I am stressed because I tend to see the results on my face.


But, no matter what you choose to do to improve your work/life balance... I think it’s important to realize that everyone’s "balance" looks different. Some people may be able to condense their work between the hours of 8am-5pm and others may not. A work/life balance also doesn’t mean that once you’re off the clock for the day, you need to go out and party. Now, if that’s what works for you, great! If not, find a simple way to reconnect with yourself. Whether you choose to exercise, grab dinner with a friend, or light a candle and read a book, just dedicating one hour entirely to yourself at the end of the day will make a huge difference in your mental state.

You got this girl! I'd love to follow along with your journey and cheer you on! 

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