Why Leveling Up Can Actually Be Simple With Lizzie Lipovsky

What do you want badly enough to change for?

Einstein so famously said that the problems we’ve created can’t be solved at the same level of consciousness we were at when we created them. Likewise, our dream life cannot be “brought in” with our current thought patterns because, by the very nature of our dream life being better than our current life…our dream life is just that: better. So we must be better to create it.

Because we get what we are, instead of what we want.

Blah blah blah.

So much of “new age” thought is true, beautiful, and inspiring, and I love it. But if you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s hard to wrap my head around it. We don’t get what we want, we get what we are?! And what does “manifesting” or “bringing in” something mean?! Law of attraction? Whattttt izzzz thisss, realllly?

But thank goodness it’s actually simple

For example:

You get out what you put in. You get a corn plant when you plant a corn kernel (and the universe does its magical thing with dirt and sun and nutrients).

You feel like crap when you eat crap (and our body does its magical thing with digesting).

Great. This is simple.

What it gets down to is purity of intention and alignment of everything else in our power—our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, behaviors, habits, environment, body, knowledge, etc. with that.

(We can always rely on God/the universe, the infinitely trustworthy Being He is, to do His/its magical part. So just do your alignment part.)

So what do you want? If you have a foggy vision of your future, then…your future will turn out vaguely like your foggy vision, since you were just dreaming vaguely, after all.

Here are a few tips I’ve found helpful for leveling up:

Get grateful for big and little things. Like breeds like. Something grows from something, not the anti-something. You can’t get happiness from unhappiness; happy people think happy thoughts. You get the promotion because you’re already performing at that level; Olympic athletes think Olympics-worthy thoughts.

Get clear and specific on what you want, who you need to be to be the kind of person that achieves _____, and how you want to feel. And why not, right? Bonus: these feelings could very well be your big WHY behind the vision.


Key: Get past fears and unhelpful beliefs around your ability to achieve the objective and replace them with supportive beliefs. Mindset againnnn? Borrring, you might be thinking. But the truth is, we can never outperform our self-image or what we believe is possible. What new behaviors and thoughts do you need to install in your life? Who do you need to be? What new levels of support or guidance do you need? New thoughts and beliefs are 80% of upleveling. Clarity is the first 10% and action is the last 10%.

Believe that everything happens for you. Any other belief is fear- or lack-based. We live in a universe that is so abundant and energetic that it literally has enough provisions for every single life here and is constantly expanding. Life energy causes expansion, growth, more life. The very fabric of creation caused and supports our existence. Therefore everything that happens must be happening for us or be somehow supporting us.

Also key: When you get want something strongly enough, you don’t care what it takes to be it or get it done; you just be it or do it. You. Don’t. Care. You. Just. Be/Do. It. And you probably (ideally!) find joy in the process. What and where this magical “enough” level was used to mystify me, but I’ve found it’s different for everyone. Although I find Napolean Hill said it well when he called it a “burning desire….” And, nota bene, a burning desire makes change (changing behavior, habits, thoughts, etc.) easier than we might be afraid it will be.

My personal, as well as my clients’, upleveling has demanded gratitude, clarity, intentionality around new mindset and behaviors, and determination.

So, you, my love: what do you want? What’s in your way? Clear it out, level up, and do it, girlboss. Keep it simple .

xo Lizzie

Elise Crawford