marketing services


Marketing Stategy

We start will a  full audit of your website, social media and marketing platforms. We then create a brand story guideline that will shape your brand's messaging and positioning. You will walk away with new or improved branding that attacks your ideal clients and a streamlined marketing plan to bring in leads.

Social Media Management

We work with "RINGLET certified" photographers to create beautiful imagery for your platforms that reflect your branding. We'll grow your social following through campaigns, strategic engagement and paid promotions. We're all about organic reach so we take care of your social you don't have to.


Email Marketing

There's a lot that goes into email marketing. Email funnels are crucial to creating an effective online presence that converts viewers to clients or buyers. We create an opt-in for your website that reflects your expertise and attracts your perfect clients or buyers, design an email template and write emails for you to send out to your list.  

Product or Service Launch

Congrats! You’ve done the work, you’ve put your heart and soul into your new product or service and now you’re ready to share it with the world. Looking to make a splash? Ringlet will create for you a digital marketing strategy, content and execute a successful launch.


Event Marketing

Working to expand your brand influence through hosting an event? Don’t let your event be a one-time occurrence. To make your event truly successful, we create a strategy to connect your event with digital content that continues to gain you exposure weeks after the big day.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the embodiment of the sentiment, “People buy from people." In our opinion, affiliate marketing is the future of marketing and PR. We connect your brand with digital influencers who genuinely adore your products or services and will promote them on social media.