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Ready to Kick Your Marketing Up a Notch?


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RINGLET is a boutique digital marketing agency and resource for women business owners, based in Washington, D.C.

Founded by women, for women because we get what it means to be a woman in business. We're experts in affiliate marketing, event marketing, social media, SEO & so much more.

Not only a marketing agency, Ringlet is a conversation about what it means to be a small business owner or creative who is seeking to incorporate integrity, authenticity and purpose into her work.





how we can work with you:


Whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for awhile, let the Ringlet team help you to come up with a strategic plan for your business. We'll explore new marketing channels and opportunities for exposure. 


Tired of your social marketing not working for you? We'll manage up to three of your social media platforms to make sure that your viewers are converting into customers. 


Did you know that email marketing is the most scalable of all the marketing channels? If you already have an email list or not, we'll help you to increase your CTR and gain clients through developing an email list that creates relationships.


Don't have time to post on all of your marketing platforms? From blog posts to email, we'll create incredible and captivating content for your from start to publish.


what clients are saying:

"I loved how Elise helped me focus on my business goals and passions to create more representative wording and visuals on my website. Also, how she simplified my process of digital marketing through implementation of a consistent posting schedule." -Keara of Keara Anne Weddings

"Elise Crawford was my secret weapon during a critical time in my business. She played a pivotal role in the exponential expansion of my business products and client management. She helped me launch a new product and brainstormed branding, communication strategy and content creation from ideation to completion. She is a dream to work with and I would recommend her to any client looking for someone they can trust to manage and grow their business platforms."

-Ashley Crouch, Founder of Appleseed Communications


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